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16th March 2021

Internationally recognized DJ, B-girl, and choreographer, Courtnaé Paul’s, GOT NEXT with the release of her debut singles in the form of a 3-track debut EP. This woman is the embodiment of hard work and discipline, she really shows that with determination and drive, you can do anything and everything in life, you just have to want to work for it!

The entertainment powerhouse expresses: “GOT NEXT as my first musical offering is a look behind the curtain into the multiple layers of me. The sounds cross-genre from Hip Hop, to Funk and even a touch of Afro. These are the sounds that best describe my style and are only a glimpse of what’s to come.”

“Courtnaé Paul’s GOT NEXT EP is a significant release for South Africa as one of the very few female DJs to release a body of work. Courtnaé Paul continues to play and win in spaces that aren’t usually occupied by women. I’m a champion of women taking up space and GOT NEXT is an important project for us at Vth Season to put out and continue the narrative of advancing women in music,” shares Ninel Musson, COO at Vth Season.

What would you say the hardest thing about being a woman in this industry is?

Exactly that, being a woman haha!!! I’d say one of the most difficult things is constantly trying to prove yourself x100 more than men because when it comes to them you sort of just assume that they’re good, that they know what they’re doing. And because of their proximity to other men, it’s like they’re given the go-ahead regardless. So I think that the most difficult thing about being a woman in the industry is number one, proving yourself and two, not know whether or not you’ll be successful without the man. 

When did you decide you wanted to start deejaying and why?

I started djing about 5/6 years ago but I didn’t do it professionally, I just started doing it for fun, but as a choreographer a lot of my time was spent mixing songs and making music for performances so I kinda dabbled in music anyway. Then when I actually got into the dj thing, I realised that I actually like it, I’m good at it and there’s not a lot of women doing it either. So for me that’s where everything stems from. 

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt so far in your career?

That If you do something wrong, that’s fine. At least now I know it’s wrong and it was exactly what I wanted for myself at that moment. When I first started it was this mixture of trying to find myself and figuring out if there was a place for me, why don’t other girls look like me, is this a sustainable career? It was only when I stopped trying to be like everyone else that things started working out, so I’d say my biggest lesson is to just be your damn self.

You’ve shared a stage with superstars like lil Wayne, Pitbull, jay Sean and Akon, who has been your favourite and why?

Damnnn that’s a tricky one. Uhmmm, I wouldn’t say anyone if I’m honest, they all have their own story/ vibe but a big part of my career was dancing by myself so a lot of my favorite experiences come from being on stage myself. But an exciting one was the fat man scoop concert here in Durban, it just felt good to be back home on that stage around familiar faces and dancing with fat man scoop. 

Got next. Why that name?

This is actually very personal, I even have the title tattooed on my arm. So basically, got next, what it means to be is that “I’ve got next” whether that is a spot in the industry, a job, an achievement. It can be anything. It’s sort of a state of mind saying I’m here now and I’ve got this!

how do you stay so discplined?

I don’t have a choice. People always think I’m joking but I’m being so serious. I don’t come from a place where I can just go back home or I’m able to give up. I have days where I don’t think I can do this anymore – it’s an emotional journey, it’s draining but I don’t see myself doing anything else so I have to make this work. I get up and keep it moving! 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years’ time? Tshoo!! I don’t usually like to think too much about the future because things are always changing. I don’t like putting limitations on myself cause I could say I wanna do this in 5 years but I might do it a lot quicker. That’s how I function. Plus people are always going to comment “oh you said you’d do this” ahd now I don’t want to do it. However, I do see myself, traveling a lot more, making a lot more music, married, settled down to an extent but also working the way I want to my own extent! 

Listen to her new EP here;

Written by Ivis Ngwenya

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