Dear Gogo, A Heartwarming Tribute

10th March 2019


Dear Gogo, is a tribute to my late grandmother, I hope you enjoy reading and that you can relate to it.


I remember our long phone calls like it was only yesterday.
I am still coming to terms with the fact that I will never hear your voice again.
Years have passed, but the memories are still as fresh as yesterday.
To say I miss you would be an understatement.


The day you passed will haunt me forever.
I woke up with an uneasy feeling that something was wrong.
The moment I was told that you had passed away, I froze, tears running down my face.
I could not believe that you were gone, not now.
I prayed for you to come back to us.
When reality set, my heart was broken in a way I had never felt before.


I did my best to stay strong, but it wasn’t easy.
Grief was gnawing at me from the inside.
I put all my focus on school and nothing else, grief was on hold.
I finished school with distinctions, I know you would have been proud.
University was tough, I had my ups and downs, but I graduated.
I really wish you had been there to see me graduate.


There is so much I wanted to tell you, just like I used to.
The pain of losing you was too much to bear.
At times I would just lock myself in my room and break down in tears thinking of you.
I missed your counsel, your words of wisdom and just having you around.


Life hasn’t been the same without you.
Going to your house and seeing your photos all over the place is hard to bear.
At every corner of the house I feel your presence.
Sometimes I wish this was all a dream and I would wake up to your infectious smile.
You are truly missed Gogo, more than any words could ever express.


Whenever your name is mentioned its with great admiration.
Our lives were much brighter with you in them.
You brought incomparable joy into our lives.


Your love for others and your kindness was inspirational.
We will carry on your legacy, you will never be forgotten.
Dear Gogo,
Memories of you will forever live in our hearts.


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Written by checkoutafrica

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