22nd June 2022

Since releasing Dirty Corolla Music Vol.1 Denimwoods has been in the lab cooking, and he is back with a statement in his new single titled ‘All I Got’. The new single is definitely worth listening to as it bring about the artist’s maturity musically. 

The latest single titled ‘ALL I GOT’ is a melodious record about the oldest of tales, ‘the one that got away”. In this record Denimwoods blends genres afro-pop and R&B alongside infusing English with a little French to tell tale of a girl who meant something to her partner (in this instance Denimwoods) with her partner only realising this in the aftermath of their relationship. In the lyrics he entangles different tones and cadences produced by Vic Enlisted. He utters how he only got to the realisation that the girl he was in love with is “All he’s got” after things go sour between them.

“The record is about a girl who I only realised meant something to me when we began treading on eggshells, trying to find balance within the relationship. Passion can be difficult sometimes, in most cases – constant feuding or reassurance tend to be the outcome. Seeing I might lose her, convincing her she’s all I got. The only option left was to hold on to what we have.”- Denimwoods

The record is a depiction of how young people easily give into ending relationships or give up on love at the first inconvenience instead of putting pride aside and keep striding through all the ups and downs. The record was about all my past “situationships” or relationships jumbled into one “super ex”, it was not necessarily one person but moments & memories that correlated well enough to be able to convey these emotions”- Denimwoods

Source – Press Release 

listen to all i got here :

Written by Kevin Mwenye

Journalist and media practitioner.

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