Elephant with the Largest Tusk Dies In Kenya

1st November 2022

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) announced on Tuesday that a female elephant, thought to be Kenya’s largest tusked elephant has passed away from old age in the east African nation (November 1).

The most famous elephant matriarch, Dida, who was distinguished by her protracted tusks, was thought to be between 60 and 65 years old. Elephants in the wild are thought to live for about 60 years on average. Dida’s passing occurred in the Samburu Reserve, a dry region in northern Kenya that is experiencing one of the worst droughts in the past 40 years, about a month after the passing of another well-known elephant.

The Kenya Wildlife Service tweeted, “She died of natural causes due to her elderly age.” The enormous Tsavo National Park in southeast Kenya, which is renowned for its biodiversity, was home to the elephant. According to the KWS, Dida “guided herd through several seasons and trying times.”

Monsoon, a woman in her fifties who was the mother of seven calves, had escaped poachers five times. The NGO Save the Elephant claimed that although the elephant’s bad condition was a result of her advanced age, it had been “aggravated by the drought” at the time of her euthanasia at the end of September.

Over 50 million people live in Kenya, the economic hub of East Africa, where 40 years of record-breaking drought have left at least 4 million people in need of food.

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