I Found God in Ancestral Lands

6th November 2017

African spirituality is often ingrained in us as we grow. Our ancestors ” Badimo” (Setswana), are held with great respect in certain regions of Botswana, seeing as they are said to be holders of  immense wisdom, and more often than not, those seeking answers to all of the lifes problems resorting to reaching out to the elders of their communities who have been gifted with the powers of communicating with ancestors. Interesting right? So now let me tell you about this mystical place I went to.

The Goo-Moremi Gorge is the home of the Batswapong ancestors, The Tswapong people are one of our many tribes in Botswana. My journey up these sacred hills was quite tiresome for someone as unfit as I am but it was all worth it. The hike took about  6 hours in total, we went past 5 waterfalls to get to the top of the hill.

A few minutes into the beginning of our journey, our tour guide Zuma showed us what is called the Sir Seretse Khama alarm stone. Sir Seretse Khama was the first president of our country, and the reason this big rock was given this name was that in the year 1980, in the middle of the night, this rock fell from the top of the hill and the elders of the community knew that there was something wrong at that moment. it was the next morning that they learnt of the passing away of the father of the nation.

It is at that moment as you walk past the streams and waterfalls that you get to connect with mother nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is at the moment that you come to realize what peace really is. It is about the silence in your head at that moment, the stillness in your soul, a rather unexplained feeling but one that brings immerse happiness. I reached the top of the hill, “The Vulture Gorge” and met God.  I believe in a high power greater than myself and I got to feel its presence, but with the fear of sounding absurd, I’ll just leave it there.

What is your take on African spirituality?  Is spirituality confined to religion or can it be found anywhere else?


Written by Bosa Sebele

Law Student at the University of Botswana,Pan-African and Human Rights Activist.

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