France to Fund Training Program in Morocco for African Museum Curators

11th November 2020

After returning 25,000 rare artifacts looted from Morocco during the colonial era, France will give Morocco’s National Museum Foundation €300,000 to fund a pan-African skills boosting program for African museum curators and directors.

Morocco’s National Museum Foundation (FNM) and France’s Development Agency (AFD) signed on a €300,000 grant agreement to fund a pan-African training program for people in the field of museums and heritage.

FNM President Mehdi Qotbi signed the agreement with the French minister for Europe and Foreign affairs, Jean Yves Le Drian, at the Mohammed VI Museum of Morden and Contemporary Art in Rabat

France’s foreign minister emphasized the importance of cross-cultural exchange in times of crisis. The program will mobilize some 30 experts from France and Francophone countries in West Africa to establish a network of African experts in the field of museums and heritage, which Morocco’s FNM will lead and coordinate.

Under the new agreement, the parties involved are set to implement a program of capacity-building and the exchange of experiences within the framework of the Pan-African cooperation.

Written by checkoutafrica

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