ÌTÁN – Narratives Of The Black Body

8th February 2020

Leandro Cunha is a photographer and lives in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The artist researches the relationships between image, body, memory and ancestry. The photography he develops is understood as a critical tool in the way the systematic deaths of black Brazilian youth operate and in the fight against religious racism.

ÌTÁN – narratives of the black body besides being a photographic essay is a study of the relationship between the corporealities present in the tradition of Yorubá mythology and the current corporealities of Africans in Diaspora in Brazil.

ÌTÁN, in Yoruba, means the set of narratives and mythologies of the orixás (African gods).
The ÌTÁN are very present in candomblé in Brazil and are understood as a continuity of the memory bequeathed by our ancestors. The ÌTÁN are, therefore, a continuum of the Africa civilizing system.

In this essay 33 black dancers reconstruct the narratives of ÌTÁN (stories and Yoruban mythology) from the relationships between their bodies. The bet is that there is a concrete relationship between the corporeality of the orixás (African gods) and the corporeality of blacks in diaspora in Brazil.
In order to emphasize the study of the relationship between the bodies of the African continent and the bodies of africans in the diaspora, it was preferred not to wear clothes or apparatus, just the relationships between bodies.
This essay exposes how the culture of the African continent continues in the bodies of brazilian blacks.

Technical File
Leandro Cunha
Direction of Movement
Valéria Monã
Elton Sacramento

Exhibition Project
Daniel Milagres
Manuela Muller
Mariana Milagres

Casting by Photo
Exu – Alessandro Fercar
Exu2 – Demerson D’Alvaro

Elebara- Marcela Gobatti
Oxalá – Rubens Barbot
Iroko – Negus Edu
Yemanja- Iza Diord, Ana Cê; Valeria Monã; Vinícius Andrade; Laiz Soares; Jéssica Castro;
Caten, Cridemar Aquino
Logunede 1&2- Elton Sacramento; Verônica da Costa; Luan Gustavo
Oya- Sabrina Chaves, Simone Machado, Tula Pereira, Gaby Makena

Written by checkoutafrica

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