Ivory Coast Founder Creates Phone Designed To Overcome Illiteracy

19th September 2022

Alain Capo-Chichi, a founder from Ivory Coast has designed a ‘superphone’ targeted at helping illiterate people communicate.

An innovative mobile device made in Ivory Coast is assisting users who are illiterate in overcoming obstacles. With the use of a voice control technology, users may now access information in 50 different African languages. The smartphone runs on an operating system that is exclusive to the Cerco firm and supports 17 of the Ivory Coast’s official languages.

The smartphone aims to combat Ivory Coast’s literacy crisis. Around 40% of Africans, according to official statistics, are illiterate. Speaking on the innovation, the founder of the company Alain Capo-Chichi said “We have a large portion of the population that is illiterate. And so, if we bring a computer or a phone as it existed before, our parents must be able to read first and then write, in order to communicate. I gave my father his first phone 15 years ago. He was very happy, but also very embarrassed to use it because every time he has to ask someone to help him dial a number. When he gets a message, he needs help reading it”

Written by checkoutafrica

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