Kaleidoscope Beauty’s Latest Collection Of Ethical Jewellery Just Launched

26th April 2019

The philanthropic jewellery brand, Kaleidoscope Beauty, just released its summer
collection on April 22nd exclusively on www.kaleidoscopebeauty.co.uk

Kaleidoscope Beauty (KB) is a brand showcasing the beauty of Africa through
contemporary, hand-crafted, statement jewellery in the form of chokers, necklaces,
bracelets, cuffs, earrings and occasionally some seasonal specials. The e-commerce
business, launched online in December 2018 via the company website
www.kaleidoscopebeauty.co.uk offers a range of eye-catching designs available globally,
with free shipping offered to UK customers. The ‘Majira’ collection is inspired by the fun
and flirty feel of the summer season, made up of bright colours, bold brass staples, beaded
tassels for looks that will stun and bring a touch of drama.

KB pieces are original, and where possible they strive for sustainability, starting with their
products. There is no use of plastic as the core materials used are brass, glass beads,
leather and wire.

The KB mission is to empower the disenfranchised with a particular focus on the youth
community. Their artisans are talented young men and women, faced with the burden of
multi-generational poverty, lack of sanitation and the harsh realities of life in the slums.
Given the right tools and an opportunity for a career, their artisans are trained in
beadwork and brass-work, which in turn creates job opportunities for them and a
a sustainable source of income.

Founded by creative entrepreneur Umutoni Thuku-Benzinge; the 26 year old who, with a
very strong affinity to her East African roots, had a desire to give back in a sustainable way.
Sitting at the helm of social business, the young entrepreneur seeks to combine fashion
with social justice. After observing the creative industries taking a lot of inspiration from
the African continent, Examples spanning from high fashion runways, such as Ozwald
Boateng’s Africanism line, to Hollywood costume designs in films such as Black Panther,
she realized there is a global demand for African design and she’s well equipped to be a
part of the movement. That, coupled with her love for African culture and the shocking
statistics published by the World Bank on poverty rates on the continent, present a need
that Kaleidoscope Beauty aims to tackle by inspiring a young generation of Africans to use
their creativity in order to make a change for themselves, their families, and their

Umutoni says:
“The problem Kaleidoscope Beauty is attempting to alleviate is multi-generational poverty
in Sub-Saharan Africa. Philanthropy is at the heart of everything we do, all of our pieces
are ethically sourced in Kenya, in an enterprising slum called Baba Dogo situated on the
fringes of Nairobi.”
For Londoner Umutoni, the daughter to an ambitious single mother, her love for East
Africa has been evident from a young age. Spending multiple summers in Kenya sparked
her desire to give back to her home continent in some way.
‘Marrying east (her East African heritage) with west (contemporary fashion) Kaleidoscope
Beauty is bringing her dreams to life.

‘Supporting the disenfranchised youth who have the eagerness to work and learn through
my enterprise is a fulfilling experience.
By supporting us, not only will customers gain an aesthetically pleasing piece of jewelry,
they’ll contribute to the alleviation of multi-generational poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa.”
says Umutoni.


About Kaleidoscope Beauty

Kaleidoscope Beauty is a contemporary jewelry brand with philanthropy at the heart of
their work. Their unique pieces are hand-made by Kenyan artisans determined to turn
their lives around. From young mothers to reformed criminals and street boys, faced with
the burden of multigenerational poverty, lack of sanitation, and the harsh realities of living
in the slums.

Given the right tools, and an opportunity for a career, their artisans are trained to create;
through beadwork and brass-work, which in turn creates job opportunities for them, and
provides a sustainable source of income.

With experience spanning over 15 years, their pieces are original, and where possible,
avoiding the excessive use of plastic, in line with their goal of sustainability.

Founder and Director Umutoni Thuku-Benzinge, previous Miss Scuba Kenya 2014 has
always been keen to combine her worlds together. Being of both Kenyan and Rwandan
heritage, and growing up in the UK, her quest to amalgamate all three cultures together in
a business model led her to create Kaleidoscope Beauty.

A global citizen and avid scuba diver, keen to give back to urban communities in a
sustainable way. Umutoni never loses sight of a woman’s power to turn heads when she
enters a room. Kaleidoscope Beauty is dedicated to showcasing bold, edgy, statement pieces
that are unapologetically African.


Where possible, they’re keen to showcase the beauty of a rich continent and share African
stories through all that they do. Collaborating with creatives on the continent and giving
credit, where it is due.

Web | https://www.kaleidoscopebeauty.co.uk

Written by Ivor Moyo

Social media maven. Team Member @ Checkoutafrica

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