Kunda Kids, focused on educating children about African history and culture

11th January 2021

Meet Louisa and Dele, founders of @KundaKids a publisher, and team of writers, illustrators, editors, musicians and animators.

Kunda Kids has a single purpose to inspire the next generation of young people about ancient and modern African history and culture.

Kunda Kids recently released 4 beautifully illustrated children’s books titled Africa’s Little Kings & Queens, a collection of four beautifully illustrated, rhyming picture books, inspired by some of ancient Africa’s most influential leaders: Queen Yaa (Ghana), Mansa Musa (Mali), Queen Kitami (Uganda) and Shaka Zulu (South Africa).

Follow @kundakids to learn more about this and future exciting projects.

Copies of the book series are available on Amazon Prime (USA & U.K.) and single books on www.kundakids.com.

Written by checkoutafrica

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