Kunda Kids Launches Mobile App to Advance African Content for Kids.

5th July 2022

Kunda kids Mobile App

Kunda Kids, a children’s publishing and animation studio, today announce the release of their first mobile app, designed to encourage and promote African content for children worldwide. 

In a world that is increasingly becoming more globalised and diverse, parents are looking for creative ways to help their kids embrace their culture. With more than one billion native speakers in Africa, the app aims to promote African languages as a part of everyday life and to help kids learn about their rich heritage

“The Kunda Kids app promotes African culture through stories, songs, and African languages. It is designed to help kids learn about Africa in an entertaining way and exposes them to some of the African languages.” Dele Olafuyi, Co-founder, CEO, Kunda Kids

The Kunda Kids App is a free educational learning app for kids ages 3-10. A great blend of fun storybooks, audiobooks, animated stories, songs, and African languages, including Yoruba, Kiswahili, Twi, Luganda, Igbo, and more.

Louisa Olafuyi, Co-founder, Kunda Kids, talks about the inspiration behind the app:

“Exposure to African history, culture and language is important for all children. Gen-Alpha are digital natives and so the development of the app made perfect sense to reach children through a medium that is familiar and fun.”

The Kunda Kids mission is to improve diversity in children’s content in a way that’s fun, easy and accessible for young people, parents and teachers around the world.

Dele & Louisa Olafuyi founded Kunda Kids in 2020 when they struggled to find enough books for their son that celebrated strong black main characters, so they decided to create their own. Only 3% of books published in the UK featured a black main character, female or male. The under-representation of black children in children’s literature is a real and long standing issue in the UK and around the world – and even across African countries. Their mission is to inspire the next generation about African culture, history and heritage.

The Kunda Kids app is now available to download for free on the Google Play Store and Apple iOS Store, and is suitable for mobile and tablet devices.


Written by checkoutafrica

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