The Sp_ce: Lifestyle, Fashion and Design Concept Store

14th August 2017

The Sp_ce is a lifestyle, fashion and design concept store with an extension to a Turkish inspired shisha lounge that has a range of international tapas on the menu. Their boutique carries various products with a strong theme of contemporary Africa, with items ranging from clothing, beauty products, furniture, jewelry and other lifestyle items. By simply looking, you already feel trends from an eclectic mix of African designers. The store appeals to the sophisticated women and men who appreciate the value and authenticity of African inspired design. With their range consisting of exclusive Zimbabwean, Mozambiquan and South African brands, such as David Alford, RumbiRumbi, Bamboo Revolution and Boheika. As well as their very own bespoke range of leather handmade products, Shoko Bespoke.

The Sp_ce Resto Lounge

One of the dishes served in The Sp_ce Resto Lounge

To celebrate their first year, they have grown in the boutique with Tana Africa bringing in lovely croc skin accessories. Also in is Slay, a range of lip stains for every occasion in a number of colors for any look. The boutique has seen an introduction of regional designers which include Rich Mnisi from South Africa with colorful winter wear and Taibo Bacar from Mozambique with edgy, classy and elegant coats made from the finest of fabrics.

Furthermore, their shop stock will also be sold at the African Art Fashion and Food Festival market in Moscow. Designer RumbiRumbi’s collection will be showcased together with five other top African designers as part of the fashion installation during the festival.

The Sp_ce Resto Lounge is a truly remarkable and relaxing environment. They place special emphasis on creating an aspirational authentic lifestyle space for the refined patrons with a palate for worldly flavors. With an exquisite wine menu and one of a kind cocktails. The garden sitting area provides a beautiful, scenic view for lovely and relaxing sundowners with a few friends.

The Sp_ce

Guests relaxing and enjoying some sundowners by The Sp_ce

Entrepreneur Priscilla Chigariro-Gessen is the Founder behind the inspiring and ultra creative Sp_ce.  Here is a little something she had to say about the Sp_ce to end the piece, “We are very thrilled to announce the new addition of such inspiring African designers to our store. These new brands are defining The Sp_ce as the premium shopping destination in Zimbabwe. We are even more excited to reach more customers through our online shopping experience. Harare is just like any other trending, affluent African city. We want to offer the best service and hospitality to our local clients and international travelers. The Sp_ce is where it’s at!”


Founder of The Sp_ce, Priscilla Chigariro-Gessen

Written by Lerato Chiyangwa

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