This Ghanaian Collective is Changing The Scene

25th November 2017

The Interns Collective is made up of 6 young Ghanaian creatives who decided to come together earlier this year as a way to diversify and give more meaning to art.

Two of their members have worked alongside Daily Paper for their 2017 Puma x Daily Paper collection, and after being introduced to some of their work and not knowing who to credit, it feels good finally put faces behind the work. Here’s what I’ve learnt from our chat together.

The Interns

The Interns

As their name implies, they’re servants of art and are willing to sacrifice time and money to complete this mission.

One of our biggest obstacles are funds. We need funds to give life to every idea to become a finish work. Without funds work becomes difficult. Also the environment we live in. People don’t really appreciate art but we can’t complain all we need to do is to keep pushing” –Prince J

Each member having their own skill set, and inspiration from different sources, they each contribute to the collective in unique ways that give us the well-balanced pieces of work we see.

Whenever we have a project at hand, we treat it like a giant piece of a puzzle that needs to be put in place by all means. We put our ideas together and contribute and commit as much as we can the WALLAH! The puzzle is complete. Im a writer, I get my inspiration from feelings. Emotions are definitely one of my biggest inspirations. I think it’s safe to say we also inspire each other!” –Kuukua

We create on our energy. We balance The energies that we give off when there’s a project. Sources may vary. Inspirations I mean. With experience, I don’t think anything can be done without balance.” – Mason

From a recent project by The Interns “unimpressed”

The Ghanaian influence

Coming across The Interns has also opened the doors to the Ghanaian art and music scene I never knew about. Ironically enough some of the things I like are heavily influenced by Ghanaian culture.

The existence of Ghanaians itself is art and we have soulfully influenced every art form, from home and elsewhere. For that reason you can attest to the fact that when you watch paintings and real visuals and tunes from Ghana you feel like you have a place here (safe haven) I must say.” –Prince C

I’m excited to see where the Interns go as a collective and as individuals. Through them, I’ve been able to meet other Ghanaian creatives that are not only taking large strides for Ghana but for young African creatives in general. Despite the continent’s struggles, the youth have always found a way; especially through art.


The hope is to make Interns a timeless brand and possibly pushing it further to a creative agency where we work hand in hand with individuals and other brands.” –Prince C

And I hope to see it happen.

Written by Fatmata Kamara

21 year old Sierra Leonean born, Australian raised photographer, writer and artist.

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