Miss Universe 2017 Could be an African Beauty Queen

28th January 2017 BY Meli

History in the Making: Meet Miss Sierra Leone 

Meet Hawa Kamara, an African Beauty Queen contending for the title of  Miss Universe 2017.  Her beaming smile and melanin-rich complexion reminds you of just how beautiful the African woman is.  Kamara is making history as the first Miss Sierra Leone to ever compete at the Miss Universe Pageant.  Like many around the globe, we could all use some good news when it comes to voting.  The Miss Universe 2017 pageant delivered by giving the people the power to vote online for their favorite contestant.  Contestants with the most votes were guaranteed a spot among the final 12 to contestants. As a result of this promise, the internet responded and the votes are in.  Sierra Leone’s Hawa Kamara has advanced to the Top 12!

Miss Sierra Leone Hawa Kamara competes in the swimsuit segment at the 2017 Miss Universe Pageant in Manila, Philippines

Miss Universe 2017 Could be Miss Sierra Leone 

No stranger to the stage, the former Miss West Africa International commands your attention with her natural beauty and flawless physique, radiating the energy that is sure to carry her far in the competition.  When the 26-year-old beauty is home from travels and pageant competition, she spends her time volunteering in her community.  She works with young women as a community advocate and mentor, emphasizing the importance of education.  Kamara shares that she plans to use her platform as Miss Universe to advocate and increase awareness for HIV/AIDS.

The Importance of the “Look” of Miss Sierra Leone

Although several African countries were represented during the competition, Miss Sierra Leone is the only African that remains in the competition.  As the world watches, many fashion blogs commend Kamara for staying true to her natural beauty, avoiding hair attachments and other beauty regiments typically used by women of African decent in pageant competitions.  Eloquently, Kamara shared with CNN that her beauty is in her diversity.  Wowing the crowd with her high energy and infectious smile,  she dons attire from emerging designers from Sierra Leone and the Philippines. When asked about her look when speaking with CNN, Kamara expressed her sentiments:

I am comfortable with the way that I am… I just want to give the world me.  I don’t want to look like somebody else… so that has been one of my advantages.

It seems like Kamara’s inner beauty is pure, radiating for the world to see.  Kamara is Miss Sierra Leone at the 2017 Miss Universe Competition.  Above all, she is the one to watch.

Hawa Kamara makes history as the first Miss Sierra Leone at the 2017 Miss Universe Pageant in Manila, Philippines



Be sure to watch Miss Sierra Leone go for the crown LIVE Sunday January 29th.

Check your local listings at the official site.

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