Mr music; SA Idols runner up

23rd March 2021

We all know how much I love Afro soul, out of all genres it is my favourite. Everyday I fall in love with new songs and my wedding playlist literally grows by the hour! Mr music is SA idols runner up and his single ngikhethe kahle is surely one that will make you fall in love! 

What made you apply idols?

Well I think it was the passion that I’ve always had for music because I truly believed in myself so I wanted to try my luck and we’ll it worked out! I was able to come in 2nd place. Always push hard, never allow people to make decisions for yourself, this is your life and your journey. Just do you! 

How far did you think you’d get?

I had faith that I was going to make it to the finals, I just didn’t know if I was going to win or not. I don’t want to lie, I saw myself going to the finals, I was like “oh, I do belong there” I kept pushing until I saw that things were really happening so I wasn’t surprised when I made it that far because it’s a place I worked really hard to be. 

How was the experience for you, any favourite memories?

The love and the bond we had as contestants and everyone who was involved – the entire production team, the judges etc. The bond that we had was truly amazing. On its own that gives me memories, like beautiful memories but also when we were all performing, supporting one another! 

What was the inspo behind your single ngikethe kahleq?

The reason I chose to write this song is because it’s not personal to me but personal to the people I’m sending a message to – I want to be the mouth that people will use to deliver that message. It’s very important to celebrate your partner, I think that’s one of the many reasons as to why people can’t maintain relationships anymore, because they don’t celebrate their partners. They don’t celebrate overcoming the bad things, people in a relationship have helped one another, it is a partnership so I wouldn’t make it if my partner wasn’t there. There are people right now who are married and supporting one another who’s marriage wouldn’t have worked if they hadn’t celebrated each other so the song is basically saying that I don’t regret choosing this person!

How long did it take for you to create the single and what made you think it was perfect to perform on idols?

I think I explained it a bit earlier, it’s all about believing in yourself. If other people can do it so can I. I’m also a human being uno! 

How would you describe your sound?

Mr music is mr music. He is his own sound, he has his own voice and I truly believe that people will love my voice, the way that I perform and the way that I do things. So I’m creating a legacy and I’m really happy to be mr music.  

Who would you want to collaborate with?

Wow, wow, wow! It’s really obvious, John! I’d really love to collaborate with John legend. And of course black diamond, those boys are so coool. 

What else can we expect from you in 2021?

 KSAZOBALIT KSAZOBALIT KSAZOBALIT . An ep is coming but first singles! 

How do you know when you’ve found your soulmate?

Well that all depends on God, he made us and that feeling to me depends on spirit. It’s all up to God. I may not be able to choose my partner well but he will, God will know if this is the right person for me. It’s a pitty because no one ever truly knows of this is the right person for them, we only see once people show their true colours and that could be too late because we’ll only see it when the relationship disappears that that wasn’t the relationship for me. We can also see by the sustainability of the relationship that these people were meant to be together. So I think it’s all with prayer, you need to have a conversation with God and tell him what you want in a partner so that you can get that person! 

Where do you see yourself in 10 year’s time?

I think I will trade this gift of mine that the lord has given me. So I see myself performing in America, over seas and stuff. I see myself going places, like really going places. I can say that things are going to be really amazing for me! 

Listen to his single now;

Written by Ivis Ngwenya

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