OP-ED: Why I Agree with Naomi Campbell that Africa Should Guard Its Fashion & Fabrics

11th April 2019

“Africa should guard its fashion and fabrics jealously to stop the western world coming in and making a fortune from them, Africa needs to keep its fabrics to itself.” – Naomi Campbell

The reason I agree with Naomi is solely due to the fact that I feel as though the world is so focused on becoming westernised, and in the process, we are forgetting who we really are to the point that we’re constantly looking for approval from Western countries. Instead of living up to our own standards we try to live up to theirs – especially when it comes to beauty and fashion. We do not need to fit the norms of Western society. We don’t need to rely on anyone else but each other to help uplift African Fashion. Africans needs to support each other and support African businesses by buying their products. That’s the only way we can win.

It’s time for us to claim our rightful place as innovators. Why should we wait to be accepted by these institutions? Why should we allow someone else to represent Africa when we ourselves know it best? No one else is going to put in the same passion and love like us. It’s time for us to take charge and create something AMAZING to showcase to the rest of society because Africa is most definitely a force be reckoned with!

“My passion and drive are to see this continent of Africa be as great as it should be,” said Campbell.


Written by Ivis Ngwenya

Hi! I'm Ivis and I am is a dedicated to bringing the most thoughtful journeys of the world, brands to trust, experiences that enrich your knowledge, and extend your horizon. #inspiredtoinspire

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