Nigerian Moves to Ban Non-Indigenous Models & Voiceover Artists

31st August 2022

If you haven’t heard already, Nigeria has outlawed the use of foreign models and voice actors in domestic ads.

The Federal Government’s desire to foster indigenous talent, promote inclusive economic growth, and expand the advertising sector in the nation of West Africa served as the driving force behind the decision.

The order was released on Monday by the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON) (August 22) as the government issued a directive that stated “all advertisements, advertising, and marketing communications materials targeted or exposed on the Nigerian advertising space are to use only Nigerian models and voice-over artists,”

The Nigerian government has allowed a wiggle room for all active campaigns to continue operating till the conclusion of their periods even if the ban takes effect on October 1st. 

While the move has been applauded by many it has also received its fair share of criticism.

Written by Meli

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