Nigerian Soul Singer Ihunanya Releases Debut Single “My Name Is Love”

23rd May 2021

Ihunanya @officialihunanya also known as Success Chioma Julius is a Nigerian soul singer-songwriter who has become passionate about the emotional well-being of humankind. She creates sounds and notes targeted at uplifting the souls of men towards love, light, and truth

She is a Social entrepreneur, Public Relations, and Marketing expert by profession and has spent her early years executing female empowerment projects through her co-founded Social enterprise “ XWAC AFRICA”

She is also the Founder of Tote Africa (@toteafrica); A community organization that provides public and business relations to the people of Africa their businesses and their brands.

Ihunanya has recently launched her debut single titled “ My Name is Love” She claims that the lyrics of this song were inspired by the comfort she received from the heavens during her Mental and Emotional relapse.

She now advocates strongly for the mental and emotional health of every human being because haven began a journey of healing she believes we have all ignored how we truly feel and we have also lied too much about it . She hopes that her music helps people going through any downtime find comfort in Divine Love. “They need to know that no matter their Religion, Class , or Circumstances that God Loves them regardless and His Hands are always ready to give them a warm embrace” she said.

This song is produced by Jayklef Productions.
It was written by Ihunanya and Mr. Narnia.

Written by Ivor Moyo

Social media maven. Team Member @ Checkoutafrica

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