Who is Passport to Zuri?

1st December 2017

I am Gayima, a daughter of Sierra Leone, West Africa with a valid US Passport, and I am currently on the journey of a lifetime with a best friend, Singer| Songwriter Koku Gonza.  Recently her life became a potential reality TV series.  As the daughter of a Tanzanian and American, she decided that 2017 would be the year that she meets her paternal relatives in Africa…for the first time!

Imagine watching all of this…unedited…

As we travel Tanzania, the experiences and scenarios are endless.  From confrontation by Army Men to Guest Panelists at a Natural Hair Event, we are experiencing Africa in ways we didn’t imagine were possible.

[su_youtube_advanced url=”Https://youtu.be/sy5mSq7P6AU” autoplay=”yes” theme=”light” https=”yes”]

As you can see, we are literally Checking Out Africa…one moment at a time.  While in Tanzania, our official host is providing the best accomodations while exposing us to the daily culture as a Tanzanian.  Follow Passport 2 Zuri on all social media platforms and travel with us as we explore Tanzania and more.  The itinerary is fluid and we are going with the flow.



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Written by I Am Gayima

Co-Founder | Managing Director: Amyang Fashun Consultant & Strategist Start-up Entities: I Am Gayima Travel (V)logger & Podcast Host ______________________________________________ Based in Brooklyn, New York Currently traveling throughout Africa

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