Plans for an African Super League slated for September 2023

1st February 2022

Close to becoming reality, plans for an African Super League seem to be edging closer to materialization.

Currently on track for September 2023, according to CAF President Patrice Motsepe, the CAF Super League, which would bring together the 24 best teams on the continent will divide the African continent into three regions: North Africa, Central, and West Africa and finally South and East Africa. Each of them will have their own pool of 8 teams, which will compete in the form of home and away matches.

Speaking at a press conference in Cameroon, the CAF Super League seems to build on the ambitions of the controversial European Super League which was scrapped back in 2021 due to backlash from non-founding teams. The league will be supported football’s governing body, FIFA.

Written by Meli

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