18th February 2020

The trouble of an appropriate snack to save one through the day is usually a moment of reflection until one lays eyes on the perfect option to make one’s heart skip a bit or wear a grin…Puff puff does that to almost everyone, especially in Nigeria.
Puff puff is a Nigerian street snack made of flour, sugar, yeast, salt, eggs(optional) and vegetable oil to fry. It’s a local sensational snack which people wakeup to at it’s heat ,golden greasy from the fire. Usually, puff puff turns out to be the perfect breakfast with a hot cup of tea or a pack up snack to save one during the day. In most cases, it serves as the perfect alternative especially for it’s softness and affordability and yeah…who doesn’t love cheap soft snacks! One would wonder how a mix of these few ingredients could create a magnificent satisfier, cause it actually is filling but it could be disappointing when the oil is not properly drained making one irritable or cursed with an unwanted headache or, it could be sugar, excess sugar, not with the high rate of diabetes, thank you!

Interestingly, puff puff is not made in the fanciest of places, on the contrary, a woman with a tripod, a frying pan and all her necessary aids is found in a corner, pulling passers by with the fresh sizzling aroma. Puff puff is an exceptional street snack, certainly an experience to grab!

Have you tasted puff puff before? Kindly state your experience and do say exactly how you feel! Cheers…


Written by Uvie Giwewhegbe

I am passionate about my environment and things that happen around it and it unconsciously drives me to write . I am the author of The Man with The White Hat and other Short stories found on www.africanbookscollective.com (still more books to come),a blogger and media personality.

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