South Africa Announces Equal Pay for its Women National Football Team Ahead of FIFA World Cup

31st May 2019

With the Women’s FIFA World Cup tournament just around the corner, South Africa just announced that its women’s national team, the Banyana Banyana, will for the first time receive the same pay as their male counterparts.

South Africa’s Football Association is putting their money where their mouth is, and making history by not only sending it’s women’s team to the prestigious tournament that will be held in France for the first time but by also being one of the few countries that are equally paying all their football athletes.

Addressing a pay gap issue that has plagued professional football,  South Africa’s Football Association President Danny Jordan said: “This will go a long way towards closing the pay gap between the men and women footballers in this country and it is a happy day for South African football.” While the team’s captain Janine van Wyk explained what this meant for the team by saying “It is truly amazing as you know that we have been fighting for equality in sport for a long time, to know that we are going to get the same incentives as Bafana is amazing.”

With the team jetting off to France to play Spain, Germany and China, this is undoubtedly a commendable and incredible move by South Africa’s Football Association, one that we hope to see implemented across all sports throughout the continent and the world.

Written by Meli

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