STEP DADDY; An Underrated King

19th March 2021

Hailing from Gugulethu, Cape Town and containing a hunger to conquer the world, Hip Hop/Afro Pop rapper and musician Stepdaddy has emerged as one of the most exciting Hip Hop talents over the turn of the new decade. His “IT” factor quickly caught the attention of one of Africa’s leading music marketing agencies and label, the Vth Season, who signed him to the same stable that houses the likes of AKA, Ami Faku, Manu WorldStar and several other successful local hitmakers. Stepdaddy is currently promoting a new single titled Wrongo featuring Dee Koala, off the back of the standout remix of his debut single, Lomntana, which features rising voices in the
South African Hip Hop scene namely Zingah and Focalistic.

Now, at the age of 26, Stepdaddy is ready to leave his mark on the South African music industry in an authentic and inspiring manner. With more music to release in 2021, Stepdaddy is definitely one to watch this year.

I have to ask you abut your stage name, why step daddy?

That name, it’s the father who gave me support when I was still young, so I thought, why not embrace it uno. 

Dead or alive, what artists would you love to collaborate with?

DJ maporisa in terms of production and stuff and of course blaq diamond. Those are the artists that I feel I can do a proper collaboration with. Like a proper african killer hit! That type of type of Vibe.

How did your parents react when you dropped out of school to do matric?

I saw that that question and I was like yohhh. I would say my guardians or my family, because my parents passed away when I was quite young. So let’s the my family’s response- they never believed in the dream, whenever I referred to music they referred to it as a fairy tail and they wanted me to go back to school. They didn’t understand that there were other reasons as why I chose to stop out, not just music. And there was so much that was happening so more time I wanted to get my money up so that I could go back to school. Because that matric certificate is something that I wanna do for them 

Why is it so important to you to destroy the typical image of the alpha male?

I am trying to embrace abc shoe that we as alpha males have that love. We are inspired and driven by love. For me it’s all about embracing love, that is something that my step dad has always shown me. I feel like in terms of hippop music we speak so much about women and money, all of that stuff so nahhhh for me that’s way too overrated so we gotta show the love. 

What are your goals for the 2021?

My goalsss I would say to reach the targets I’ve set for myself in terms of music. When you’re an artist that was never in on the hype scene because I was that artist and now I’m starting to pick up as an artist so if I reach a certain amount of followers on insta and twitter I’ll be happy. Because I have music that needs to reach the masses so that we can spread the word. Stepdaddy is going to kill it 2021! 

Your single Wrongo addresses the drip and lifestyle of cape town influenced by the coloured community, explain to us in more detail.

As you can see, the drip is on point. Drop everyday! Cape Town is more of a coloured influence city, there’s a lot of coloureds here. It’s a very multicultural city. I went to a coloured high schoool so the influence that I had was kind of like “you need to push the hustle”. So the inspiration was always like that – my swag, my style – everyone wanted to take pictures with me. When I first heard the beat for the song I started reminiscing on my high school days, my friends, back to when I used to misbehave so I took that concept and put it in a song. 

Why was Dee Koala the perfect feature for the single?

She’s this upcoming artist from Capetown too, she killed the song so much that I wanted to buy a new all star!!! 

Is there potential for an album/ ep in the near future?

If I reach 10k on all platforms that’s when I’ll release an ep, because I’ve been working on this project and it’s one that got my recognised by vth season. So I’m working on purifying it.

What’s one of your greatest memories so far?

Getting signed to Vth season, getting recognised particularly by Ami faku cause that’s very hard as an artist! My end goal is victory and I know that I’m going to achieve it! 

what is one line in xhosa that you would love people know?

Qhina kusodlula which means be strong anything that is clouding you,it’ll pass. Or vukha econeni meaning get out from that dark corner 

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

I see myself owning a record label. Chilling at camps bay in my own house. I see myself giving back to gugulethu, giving back to my community . I just want to inspire! 

Listen to his new single here;

Written by Ivis Ngwenya

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