Zimbabwe’s Afronomads and their journey to revolutionize African Travel

30th September 2020 BY Gerald Muchandiona

Travelling has always been one of those activities which brings the unexpected, unforgettable and intimate experiences. Dalai Lama once said that at least once in a year one should go someplace you have never been before. Personally travel is my unconventional massage for the soul. It has always been viewed as one of those undertakings that waters the garden of…


Who Would You Rather Travel With?

22nd August 2017 BY Ruth dulac

Who Would You Rather Travel With? “The man that has no music in himself is not fit for adventures” I wrote down in my journal as I readied my mind to visit Ibadan, Nigeria. I had some friends there and they had asked to see me. It wasn’t my first time visiting the town but it was the first time…