The Political Rhetoric Of Our Fabric

6th July 2018 BY Mutinta Nanchengwa

The Political Rhetoric of Our Fabric. For most African aunties, the chitenge (also known as kitenge, Ankara or for some cultures, simply a ‘wrapper cloth”) has a more functional use than glamorous. Baby toting, dust protection, kitchen party outfit, that was the general use of the chitenge. No one would have suspected that the humble fabric, would become a widely…


The Adventure of Art & African Literature

9th June 2018 BY Uvie Giwewhegbe

The splendor of Art is the variety and the perception that emanates from it, giving room for freedom and expressions beyond explanation and this encounter with Art was a recent experience in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria where a group of four women provided a platform for Art to be expressed and criticized. Custodians of African Literature (COAL)  is an initiative…