Bookbeak, the digital library for African stories

28th May 2019 BY Bobby

What is BookBeak? BookBeak is the first app-based platform that aggregates African short stories from published and unpublished writers and then serves those African stories to our subscriber base. The app aims to connect African writers across the continent, giving them a space for expression, whilst providing sustenance. Africans rely on mobile platforms to perform most of their technological requirements.…


Taking African Short Stories to the World

26th March 2019 BY checkoutafrica

Introducing BookBeak, an app connecting African writers with the world’s readers through storytelling Africans have been telling stories for centuries, passing nuggets of cultural knowledge and heritage from one generation to the next through fables, folktales, and epic narrations. Newly launched storytelling app, BookBeak, is now making it possible for those new and old African stories to be shared with…


Finger on the Pulse: Books for When Winter Comes

25th October 2017 BY Kaoutar Hrari

More often, we tend to lack ideas for entertainment during winter, as the weather gets wintry and the temperature gets colder. Indoor activities prevail. Reading! During summer, outdoor activities get hold of most of our time. Consequently, I, personally, tend to read less or read light literature such as romance and comic books. But during winter, I switch to classics…