Q&A with Revolutionary Artist; Lady Skollie

27th August 2017 BY Lerato Chiyangwa

Lady Skollie in studio. Image by; Simiato Matik Laura Windvogel, who is well known by the moniker Lady Skollie caught my creative eye earlier in 2017, when while checking out online art, I came across her early 2017 art exhibition named Lust Politics which presents her work in desire, power and sex. Her pieces are still currently online at the Tyburn Gallery…


VADA, True South African Fashion Slayage

28th July 2017 BY Lerato Chiyangwa

“There’s a huge market here especially for African millennial women who are buying more into brands and companies that are supporting the growth of our continent.” – Kamara Sivada. Social media is playing a major part in a lot of brands being well known and their presence across different countries, and the brand I recently became acquainted with proves that.…


Nefertari, Putting Zimbabwean Fashion On The Map

17th January 2017 BY Lerato Chiyangwa

“I just want to create work I can be proud of and carve out a legacy that leaves a lasting impression on Zimbabwean surface design.” That’s the first thing the Founder of Tanya Nefertari, a radically unique design brand based in Harare, Zimbabwe blurted out to me before our chat fully started. You don’t need to be a maverick or a…


Angaza Raises $4M To Make Clean Energy Affordable For Africa’s Poorest Countries

7th December 2016 BY checkoutafrica

It’s a common thing in certain rural parts of Africa that electricity is generated through energy devices such as solar panels and batteries. In some cases these devices are donated by non-profit organisation. The debate remains: how sustainable  is this model on a long-term basis? What’s required is to make clean energy scale in self-supporting way?   A San Francisco startup…


Dananai Chipunza, A Thriving Zimbabwean Culinarian

10th November 2016 BY checkoutafrica

At a mere 24 years old, Dananai Chipunza is a Zimbabwean Chef and Culinary Entrepreneur. Having obtained her qualification at the world renowned Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in Paris, France. She expressed to me how very passionate about food and culture she is, and it’s exciting to have caught her while on her journey to bring better knowledge of…


Black Dolls: Toyitoyi Toys Launches Black Dolls After A Desperate Need For Darker Skinned Dolls

3rd November 2016 BY checkoutafrica

Black Dolls: Toyitoyi Toys Launches Black Dolls After A Desperate Need For Darker Skinned Dolls Toyitoyi Toys was born two years ago out of a desperate and urgent need for darker skinned dolls, especially on the African Continent. After reading a newspaper article on a child’s perception of beauty and the value of children playing with dolls that resemble themselves,…


Maison Du Style, Dominating Zimbabwe’s Fashion Scene

20th October 2016 BY Lerato Chiyangwa

This past couple of weeks I have had a few chats with a couple of Zimbabwean designers, and it only made sense for me to include the Creative Director of the fashion brand Maison Du Style (MDS), which means house of style. Her fashion brand name derives many influences of European culture, mostly from the French, and therefore she found it…


9 Lives, Adaptable And Dynamic Fashion In Zimbabwe

19th October 2016 BY checkoutafrica

A short story about a Zimbabwean Fashion Designer, born in 1993, and raised in a small town called Mutare, which is to the east of Harare that is the capital city of Zimbabwe. Most readers by now are already thinking, alright what’s her deal. Well, I spoke to Crystelle Khan, who is the Founder of the design label 9 Lives to find…


“Pidgin English” A newcomer In The Arena Of Streetwear Inspired By African Culture

2nd October 2015 BY checkoutafrica

  As a newcomer in the arena of streetwear inspired by African culture and influences the brand Pidgin English stands to strike a chord within the African diaspora. With such an intriguing name you can’t help but want to know more about the brand or be reminded of your favorite Pidgin phrase you use in your everyday lingo. The brand…