Nefertari, Putting Zimbabwean Fashion On The Map

17th January 2017 BY Lerato Chiyangwa

“I just want to create work I can be proud of and carve out a legacy that leaves a lasting impression on Zimbabwean surface design.” That’s the first thing the Founder of Tanya Nefertari, a radically unique design brand based in Harare, Zimbabwe blurted out to me before our chat fully started. You don’t need to be a maverick or a…


Maison Du Style, Dominating Zimbabwe’s Fashion Scene

20th October 2016 BY Lerato Chiyangwa

This past couple of weeks I have had a few chats with a couple of Zimbabwean designers, and it only made sense for me to include the Creative Director of the fashion brand Maison Du Style (MDS), which means house of style. Her fashion brand name derives many influences of European culture, mostly from the French, and therefore she found it…


9 Lives, Adaptable And Dynamic Fashion In Zimbabwe

19th October 2016 BY checkoutafrica

A short story about a Zimbabwean Fashion Designer, born in 1993, and raised in a small town called Mutare, which is to the east of Harare that is the capital city of Zimbabwe. Most readers by now are already thinking, alright what’s her deal. Well, I spoke to Crystelle Khan, who is the Founder of the design label 9 Lives to find…


“Pidgin English” A newcomer In The Arena Of Streetwear Inspired By African Culture

2nd October 2015 BY checkoutafrica

  As a newcomer in the arena of streetwear inspired by African culture and influences the brand Pidgin English stands to strike a chord within the African diaspora. With such an intriguing name you can’t help but want to know more about the brand or be reminded of your favorite Pidgin phrase you use in your everyday lingo. The brand…


CheckoutAfrica Interviews The Designer Of Lumumba Revolution.

22nd June 2015 BY checkoutafrica

CheckoutAfrica Interviewed the owner of Lumumba Revolution and here is what she had to say. My real name is Maria-Yvette Winters, but I prefer to be called LUR (Lumumba Revolution) My passion for clothes started about 15 yrs ago when I was living in Helsinki. With a closet with full of clothes i still was having a hard time finding…