ÌTÁN – Narratives Of The Black Body

8th February 2020 BY checkoutafrica

Leandro Cunha is a photographer and lives in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The artist researches the relationships between image, body, memory and ancestry. The photography he develops is understood as a critical tool in the way the systematic deaths of black Brazilian youth operate and in the fight against religious racism. ÌTÁN – narratives of the black…


Together as African’s we can accomplish more than we thought possible

17th November 2017 BY Ruvimbo Togara

  Photographed by Ruvimbo Togara Together as Africans, we can achieve great things. Things that we never thought would be possible. When we unite and support one another we have the power to unlock dreams and unlock purpose. When life gives you blessings, accept them wholeheartedly, this is a lesson I’m learning daily. You’re probably wondering how what I’ve just…


In the Footsteps of Leila Alaoui

5th October 2017 BY Kaoutar Hrari

A tribute to be paid to the late Leila Alaoui The opening of the photo-exhibition “Sur les pas de Leila Alaoui”, following in the footsteps of Leila Alaoui”, will take place this October 5th at the gallery of Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca (Morocco). This tribute is organized by the “Foundation Leila Alaoui” in cooperation with CCME (Council of the Moroccan…