Takura’s Conscious Intercession – ‘Mufaro’

11th August 2020

Quick Review

Surely we can all agree that the world’s recent shape has been draining to say the least, and most hope for many people including music enthusiasts and creatives is seeded in the art and creative content being released and fed on timelines on a daily basis, and as always Takura, the Zimbabwean music maestro, did not fail his people, during these trying times (#ZimbabweanLivesMatter).

In Takura’s latest release ‘Mufaro’, he decides to replicate all his recent social media activities which are relatable to most struggling youths of Zimbabwe and Africa at large into one conscious reggae soliloquy for all in the form of a classic Takura banger ( Takura has been tweeting and posting on many sensitive issues including Mental health, therapy, child abuse etc)

The big drop did not take time to win souls because as it dropped it immediately set twitter ablaze as any much needed drop would do and this had his fans and those who felt the tune tweeting about it from the first listen.

In his new song and visuals Takura speaks about and portrays struggles of many people’s lives, from the graduates with no jobs to the day to day hustlers coming together as his chants question if the youth and struggling masses will ever reach their goals …or the pinnacle we all plan to reach.

The new release is definitely a masterpiece that is both relatable and no doubt very much needed considering the current shape of our continent and the world at large.

watch the video below. :

Written by Kevin Mwenye

Journalist and media practitioner.

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