The African Circle Museum Opens in Pointe Noire, Congo

23rd January 2019

The building that was once a cultural place for the people of Congo before being turned into a Court of Justice has now been transformed into the African Circle Museum – thanks to the collaboration between the Congolese state and the Eni Congo.

Purposefully located at the Lumumba roundabout, where Congolese natives who had acquired French nationality were denied access to the city centre where French elites used to gather, the African Circle Museum has already welcomed over 600 visitors since it’s opening on December 4th 2018.

Speaking on the museum, curator Samuel Mabanza explained: “This is very important because in the past, we did not have an establishment like this in Pointe Noire, especially in Congo. But today we have Museums, where we can keep the collections. So if today, we can return the collections to us, we now have structures to accommodate them.”

Written by checkoutafrica

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