The UK Launches It’s First Official Afrobeats Chart

28th July 2020

Adesope Olajide is a dynamic broadcaster and entertainment personality with a world of experience hosting sports and entertainment television/radio programmes, live events and panels. With over 15 years of media experience, Adesope has been at the forefront of promoting African popular culture (Music, Dance, Film & Fashion) in the UK – This includes lead anchor roles on TV and radio stations such as Vox Africa UK’s “Live at Baersea” entertainment programme and “Sports360” live sports programme. He has also anchored shows on Nollywood Movies (Nollyafrobeats), and featured as a returning sports contributor on BBC World Service’s “Focus on Africa” programme , Arise News and BEN TV’s “ABC Sports” programme to name a few . Since 2014 , Adesope has hosted a popular radio program called “Afrohits on The Beat” a weekly music pop culture programme on The Beat London 103.6FM.

Over the last decade, Adesope (also known as “Shopsydoo” & “The Energy Gawd”) has become one of the most prominent faces of African Entertainment in Europe and Africa. We caught up with the energy gawd to talk about the recently launched Official Afrobeats Charts top 20 in the UK. 

Q. Describe the first time you fell in love with Afro-beats.  

A. Afrobeats has always been a part of me growing up especially as a Nigerian , listening to various forms of traditional music mixed with Nigerian pop was part of the culture . My earliest memories would be acts like dizzy k falola, Mike Okri before listening to ground like Plantation Boyz ( with 2face ) & remedies . These were some of the people that made Nigerian pop cool for young folks and the music being essential for the parties etc 

Q. What can we expect on the Official Uk Afro-beats Chart?

A. It’s an opportunity to celebrate some of the Afrobeats music we have been listening to for a while including discovering music that is infused with Afrobeats that we might not have originally known . The chart allows for the music industry to take the scene one step more seriously than they have done in the past cause now they can see the music and acts that are doing numbers in the UK , new talent that break out of nowhere to make an impact and lots lots more . We can also expect some brilliant guest interviews and inside conversations around the scene that the public might not have known in the past . It’s about to be another huge move for us 

Q. As a black man how important is this show to Africans and Africans in the diaspora? 

A. Extremely important , the diaspora has been the catapult for the scene helping the music get to millions and really exploded Afrobeats . Especially the Uk , so you have the UK become the first place outside of africa that really is recognising the scene is a pat of the back for everyone who has supported it for years . As a black man it makes us feel proud to continue to have platforms where we can publicly appreciate our creativity even though we do it amongst ourselves and don’t need validation but platforms like these allow for others to be inspired and friends of Africa to find us quicker and join the movement .  The diaspora has a responsibility IN Projecting a positive image of Africa to the world and the UK has always been a place where Africans have held their head up high and represented within various sectors beaming the light back home to africa although black men might have different negative stereotypes labelled against us , I can safely say our creative industry continues to help propel the right image to the world and that gives me so much pride . 

Q. How can someone at home support an initiative like this? 

A. Buy Afrobeats music , stream the music and watch the videos on YouTube . Support your favourite artist by spending less than a pound on singles , about £10 on albums and time listening to their songs on YouTube , Apple , Spotify , tidal etc. This is how we at home can support . And when the chart is out , check it out at the official chart company website and support the platforms it’s on. If we do these religiously our genre will be bigger and we will get more funds to creat an industry for us opening doors for various professionals to earn a living within the Afrobeats industry. 

The new top 20 chart show will be revealed every Sunday on BBC radio 1Xtra. 

Written by Zinitha

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