Theproducer_zimbabwe; Telling the Zimbabwean Story through Photoshop

18th September 2021

A picture is a poem without words.


“A picture is a poem without words”. Horace’s profound words came to life when l took time to digest theproducer_zimbabwe’s artistic work. His work went viral on the Twitter streets several times with thousands of reshares. People were more fascinated about these out-of-the-ordinary artistic pieces. I saw stories. I saw my story. I saw the African Story. While other artists have gone viral with artistic manipulations that tell no stories but are of mere meme value, theproducer_zimbabwe has chosen to be a storyteller and trailblazer.

With the level of expertise exhibited in his work it would be hard to accept that its all self-taught. Professionally an Agriculture Economist expert who says he found himself in the world of branding and business creativity by mistake. Ever since he started his journey with photography and art manipulation using Photoshop as medium, everything has fallen into place from working with African giants such as Jah Prayzah, working with hospitality brands and getting his first job via DM. CheckoutAfrica had a phone conversation with theproducer_zimbabwe aka Isheanesu Malunga and discussed his artistic journey, the meaning of his work, the intentions behind his work, the intended impact and everything in-between. Who knew Photoshop can be used to tell the Zimbabwean story?

CheckoutAfrica: Can you tell us about yourself?

theproducer_zimbabwe: Real name is Isheanesu Malunga, theproducer_zimbabwe is something that came up when l was doing my Agriculture Economics, so initially it was “I want to be the producer of anything and everything” but the Art just caught on and that is how l’m here. But besides that I am an Agriculture and Economic Development Guy who is not doing any of that; a guy who has found himself in a of business creativity, marketing and branding. What you see on social media is just the fun side of some of my work. And of course l am Zimbabwean.

How long have you been in photography and photoshopping? And why did you start?

Photography l started late 2017 towards the end of my thesis; I was working on my dissertation. It was a getaway kind of hobby. Taking pictures of sunsets and the like. In 2018 that is when l got my first camera because the one l was using was borrowed and it was a 2008 camera. So that is when l started proper photography with editing, I think it was around the same time in 2018 that l started experimenting with editing using phone applications. As for Photoshop, I started Photoshop in 2019 March and l found it a bit easier than using my phone and ever since then that’s when l learnt everything to do with editing and other Software. I started because l felt like l loved art and l was neglecting it doing econometrics and all, am not a numbers guys (laughs) l love visuals.

“WE MOVE THE NATION” – National Railways of Zimbabwe’s motto. I regard is one worth adopting as citizens amidst all the economic ruckus. Together we can. We deserve. Onwards ever

A closer look at your Photoshop, there is a common theme of particular story telling; is that intentional and what is the motivation behind that?

Uhmmmm, the first thing is a lot of individuals can use Photoshop and probably far much better than myself. So for me being an experimental guy l found my edge and strength being rather to tell stories of a lot of things that are happening around me and the world over in the long run. As of now it’s purely to express stories in a funny way but impacting way and also in different way so that people can look at the work and engage in conversations that matter.

Written by Gerald Muchandiona

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