These Nigerian Youth Are Changing the face of the Fight Against Climate Change

5th September 2022

Three youths from Nigeria have created an app that they believe will aid in the fight against climate change.

The group developed “EarthExp,” which blends environmental trend information with social networking and activities. In the app, users build cities, but they must take into account potential environmental impacts as they grow.

One of the creators, Fortune Somuadia, revealed the idea behind the software. She said, “we decided to get people not so fully stuck on our app, but stuck on our app enough to be able to develop a sense of action towards climate change, like developing or thinking of the fact that they can do something to relieve climate change.“ 

“So it’s basically to use a persuasive strategy to induce a behavioural change in our users and in return we get positive feedback towards climate action.” 

Titled EarthExp, the app won a regional prize in a worldwide competition held in 2022 by Technovation, a nonprofit organisation located in the US that encourages women and girls to utilise technology to create positive change.

The app comes as African leaders are pushing for more industrialised nations to be held accountable for environmental harm caused to developing nations. According to estimates from the U.N. and Africa Development Bank, Africa requires almost $3 trillion to meet the nationally determined contributions (NDCs) that each government is obligated to make as part of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

According to Fortune, one of the founders, despite not being the largest producer of greenhouse emissions, Africa is nevertheless negatively harmed and this app will go a long way to change that.

It occurs before the COP27 United Nations Climate Change Conference, which is set to take place in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, in November of 2022. The smartphone application is an addition to their neighbourhood and school initiatives encouraging people to limit their usage of plastic and properly dispose of their waste.

Written by Meli

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