4th February 2016 BY checkoutafrica

Hey guys, Akwaaba. Welcome. It was the year of the internet in 2015. Now in 2016, it is still going strong. Instagram has moved beyond the days of being just another photo sharing site. Vine has it’s own 6 second world of awesomeness. Facebook is still king of social media. Facebook purchased Twitter, another social media giant. And it goes on. Social media is the first stop for news, entertainment, sport and education.

Personalities make these platform what it is. People use these platforms daily and with the onset of online marketing, companies can take advantage of this surge in social apps and websites to advance their business. If you are like me, you take advantage of what is in vogue to expand your brand and make a living. Some of our young Africans have made their mark, as usual in this area.

As much as I will like to add myself (@nana_ashanti) to this list, I bring you the top 10 biggest African internet personalities you need to know and follow now.

In no particular order at all,

  1. KSI  (YouTube Gamer, Artiste and All round Comedian)

ksiOlajide Olatunji is young 22 year old first generation Brit born of Nigerian parents, KSI like most boys love their video games. He started recording himself playing these videos games and uploading them to YouTube with comedic commentary. A few years later, KSI is a young millionaire with deals knocking at his door. If you watch one of his videos, you will have no choice then to fall in love with this young mogul. 11 million subscribers and a $4.5 million dollar fortune later, he has added musician to his resume. Not the one to shy away from controversy, KSI has been involved in a case of sexist remarks and doing a “rape face” grin on his channel which led to X-box canceling his deal. In his own words, “I am a young millionaire and I think I am doing pretty good at life”. He is since trying to figure out a way to airlift his Jacuzzi into his penthouse London apartment. Check out one of his most hilarious videos here

2. Luvvie Ajayi (Blogger, Wacky Wordsmith and Side Eye Sorceress)

Luvvie Ajayi is a 12 year blogging veteran. Her blog, Awesomely Luvvie focuses on pop culture, social issues, reviews and so on.luvvie

She is also a part of the Red Pump Project ,which is an initiative to bring awareness to HIV/AIDS. Luvvie is Nigerian and has used her platform to address a lot of issues pertaining to the African continent and the relationship with other ethnicities. Be sure to check out for Luvvie’s response or clapback to any recent events because trust her to tell it as it is. Check out Awesomely Luvvie blog

3. Maxim Bady (Red Shirt wearing comedian and YouTuber )


Maxim is a self-proclaimed African superman who is best known for offering his unadulterated raw reaction to video clips and viral videos. Maxim is a Gambian native who is best known for his love for chicken and ketchup. His reviews are done in an “African accent” and in his favorite red shirt. Never the one to bite his tongue, Maxim has gathered a loyal 1.1 million subscribers and millions of views to his credit. If you ever have a bad day and need to distress, save your spa bill and check out Maxim’s channel

4. Chief Obi (Instagram star, Comedian and MC extraordinaire)

chief obi

If you have spent a least 30 minutes on the African part of Instagram, you will be sure to find a slew of comedians doing their thing. From perpetrating African stereotypes to impersonating African parents, Chief Obi has cornered the market of comedy on Instagram. A member of the comedian group The Touts and an ambassador for telecom giant Techno Mobile, Chief Obi has expanded his brand from sharing 15 seconds of pure comedy on Instagram to full-on skits on YouTube and recently, scoring gigs as a MC at weddings locally and internationally. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and checkout his hilarious skits

5. Ameyaw Debrah(Celebrity Gossip Blogger and Influencer)



Ameyaw Kissi Debrah is a Ghanaian blogger who has become a household name from writing about celebrity gossip, rumors and events. His audience and reach has increased over the years and now blogs on issues affecting the continent and events in various countries. Africa can not boast of a lot of celebrity bloggers but Ameyaw Debrah can definitely be called, “The Perez Hilton” of Africa. With over a 150,000 hits per week on his site, Ameyaw Debrah is a source of all the juicy details of what your favorite African celebrity is up to. Get your gossip fix on his blog.

Find all of these personalities on Instagram at @ksi, @luvvie, @maximbadytouray, @chief_obi and @ameyaw112.

***Add your favorite African internet personalities below. And find me on social media @nana_ashanti***