#UbuOnTour – African Music Documentary Series

21st December 2020

Landing on your screens from Monday 21st December, catch the stars of YouTube channel The Ubunifu Space in a documentary series capturing the synergy between UK and African music.

The Ubunifu Space celebrates the sounds from African artists both in the continent and its diaspora. The concept is simple – a group of friends watch and react to videos by artists from Africa and its diaspora; from the comfort of their living room. It didn’t take long for the channel to gain traction. In November 2019, the group embarked on their biggest project to date; a long-form video series documenting their tour of South Africa and Kenya. 

“The reception we have received on the internet has been heart-warming, and we felt it was time to experience the cultural importance and meaning behind the music we showcase.”

– Ian

Flewed Out

In November, the stars flew out to South Africa and Kenya, the beginning of both country’s most popular time of the year; summertime. 

“We wanted to create a full circle,” says the Space’s founder Bryan Obonyo. “We’d learned a lot from watching videos but we wanted to fly out. Experience the music, the culture and interact with the artists and followers who share our enthusiasm.” 

The film shows the five friends interacting with their fans on the continent for the first time; moments which amplify just how much their channel has resonated. For longtime fans, the documentary is the first time the five friends are seen outside of Bryan’s living room. From an early morning flight at Heathrow, to hazy cab rides home in Johannesburg; this is an all-access pass to five friends living out a unique journey.

Episodes 1 & 2

Catch the premier episodes below and be sure to follow the journey of the fab five journey on twitter and instagram.

Written by Abu B. Yillah

Abu Yillah is a British-Sierra Leonean Writer, Filmmaker & Curator of the Sierra Leone Arts & Culture festival! Abu’s creativity is centred on navigating his two national identities and his dream is to increase the visibility of Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans all across the world.

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