Valee Music Takes on Amapiano

10th March 2021

The Uk afro pop queen Valee Music is at it again this time with a surprise Amapiano single. Fused with elements of Afro soul and House music; Don’t want your love is the perfect after valentines jam a love song with a twist. In her words “DWYL” talks about not settling. Its about knowing your worth and not accepting every proposal you get because you deserve better.

After listening to the record Checkout Africa decided to catch up with the songstress and talk about life during covid-19 the new single and plans for the future.

Q First things first, its been a year since covid-19 rocked the whole world. How are you doing?

A We’ve been affected by Covid-19 but I thank God that I’m healthy and that my family is well too. My sympathy does go out to everyone who’s lost family members or friends and those who’s jobs have been affected. I’m sure we all praying for better times ahead.

Q You put a few records out in 2020 that were amazing. Sondela to be exact i feel was a great chess move for your career. did you know that it would be a success?

Thank you. I never quite knew what this song would do for me. That’s why as an artist I constantly head back to the studio to make new music because you never know which ones will it with the fans.
for Sondela though, I cannot take all the credit. I had another song in mind to push at the time and my team came up to me with an awesome idea for a follow up on my last single titled, ‘Watora Moyo’. It was my producer Charlie Kay who also featured on this track, and co-writer 0-25 who called me initially with the concept. they are good friends so they understood what I needed to do with this one to pull at my fans heartstrings. Of course we ended up doing the song which became no1 on leading radio Gagasi in KZN South Africa, earning us 500 00+Youtube views, an airplay on mtv and got us a couple of award nominations. From the visual perspective – Shout out to Lutch Media who directed the video: we just had so many talented creatives from designers, to stylists who came forward to support the vision. And pulled it off. So i can say it takes a village and that was the chess move.

Q I remember you saying that one of the to 5 producers you would love to work with is Maphorisa, has that influenced your music at all?

Of course! My latest single, “Dont want your love” is an amapiano song. I feel like Maphorisa is heavy on that sound and for the past 2 years I’ve been a massive fan of the genre. Just listening and studying. I come from a house music background so i understood Amapiano was a bit of breakaway from that but it seemed to be making its own wave. Songs like Emcimbini with Dj Maphorisa and Kabza de Small are Amapiano anthems. These guys are pioneers of the culture and I can only hope that my steps in doing Amapiano will elevate my sound and maybe one day a collab!

Q So tell about how this record came along?
Teamwork makes the dream work! haha. I felt that i needed something authentic with, “Dont want your love”. I didn’t want an imitation and like the idea of collaborating. So my management and I reached out to a few producers in South Africa who were already buzzing with this sound. and Ubuntu Brothers came through with an amazing beat. We made an amazing track amidst lockdown and all the challenges thrown at us. It never once felt like they were in another continent because that track has soul. Charlie Kay also co-produced on it- so it was like we had UK, Zimbabwe and South Africa under the same roof! the authenticity wasn’t just with the beat though, I feel like I’ve grown as a songwriter and lyrically I was a lot more open about my personal experiences. I hope the fans love this one!

Q Can we expect an EP anytime soon?

Yes, I’ve been working on my ep since 2019. A lot has changed; for me its an EP that celebrates everything that I am and music that has shaped me. Its a mix of Afro pop, Afrobeats and Amapiano a great way to show my journey as an artist. I’m excited about it and I’ve put a lot of hard work into the EP. Fingers crossed my fans will get to hear it soon!

Q The world is looking at Africa at the moment. What part would you like to play in elevating Africa as an African, a black woman and as an artist?

I love this question. Im glad we’ve come to a place where we can finally see Africa for the beauty it has always been. I love us! Living in the UK had made me realise how much we have in common as Africans in this global village.

i feel that as an artist I’m already beginning to make a mark in changing the narrativeand negative stereotypes about us. Im a black woman, living in the UK but i am not shy to infuse my culture into my music. Whether thats in the clothes i wear or singing in my native languages, thats just what makes me stand out! And if i can inspire just one African child to go after their dreams iv done eneough.

I celebrate my diverse heritage being Proud Aimbawean, having my SA family and influenced by music from all over Africa, shapes who iam. we better United in matters that bring about change and isay songs like, ” Africa Unite” by Bob Marley hold the message on how we can succedd as africa. Also the bridge between the diaspora and those back home will help us to build our infrastructures using technology to move ahead.

How ever i do feel that more can be done. As an artist i would like to be an advocate for change especially in addressing issues on social change; regarding our health care systems and other human rights contraventions. So i am open to dialogue and collaborate with other African creatives and innovators in highlighting not just our beauties as Africa but on ideas on what we can do better as a whole! We have a long way to go but we are not far off!

To listen to the smashing new single check it out here.

Written by Zinitha

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