Together as African’s we can accomplish more than we thought possible

17th November 2017 BY Ruvimbo Togara


Photographed by Ruvimbo Togara

Together as Africans, we can achieve great things. Things that we never thought would be possible. When we unite and support one another we have the power to unlock dreams and unlock purpose.

When life gives you blessings, accept them wholeheartedly, this is a lesson I’m learning daily. You’re probably wondering how what I’ve just said has any connection to African’s uniting or why I opened this piece talking about us as Africans having the power to unlock dreams and purpose when we support one another.


You know how we have that stereotype that we as Africans don’t support each other enough? Well, I recently got the opportunity to witness just how great we can be when we lay down our different forms of pride and begin to support and uplift each other in whatever forms of gifts, dreams or talents we carry.

I’m not sure if some of you have heard about the Zimbabwean Achievers Awards. Maybe you have or maybe you haven’t heard of the award show and you might be curious to know more…

The Zimbabwean Achievers Award Ceremony is an annual event that focuses on celebrating Zimbabweans and their achievements in their communities. The awards are globally recognised in countries such as; The United Kingdom, The United States Of America, South Africa and now for the first time ever Australia. 

I hadn’t heard of the Zimbabwean Achievers Awards nor did I have the intentions of attending Australias’s first ever awards ceremony. Until I was formally invited by Trevor Manyame who is the Business Director of a magazine called Zim-Aboard.


African's, Create, Accomplish
Photographed by Ruvimbo Togara.

I packed my bags and there I was flying out to the beautiful city of Adelaide South Australia. It is there where I rubbed shoulders with some incredible individuals that are making a positive impact in their communities. At this moment I discovered how powerful we can be when we back each other up in whatever dreams we pursue as individuals.

Everyone in that room was dressed beautifully with such elegance it was a delightful sight to see. I witnessed Africans getting along which was a rare thing because I had never seen in my whole existence Zimbabweans celebrate one another the way they did that night.


There were other African nations that were present that night from all over the continent. There where people from Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Sierra Leone just to name a few. These other nations came to celebrate a country that’s not their own which showed me that when we are in unity with one another as Africans we can accomplish so much.

Photographed by Ruvimbo Togara.

I loved seeing everyone in one room dancing and celebrating with smiles on their faces. It didn’t matter that there were language barriers or that people had a different level of status. The celebration was there and it was evident. It was a blessing.

As I close this piece I would love to leave you. The readers with this… As an Africans no matter what our backgrounds may be, we have the power to bring forth unity among each other. We together have the ability to break stereotypes. We have the ability to celebrate and cultivate ideas from one another.  When we UNITE we can accomplish MORE.