Zimbabwean Queens Are Not Sorry

4th April 2019 BY Bobby

About Me

I’m Mitchel Tanyaradzwa, a Zimbabwean Young Woman, and creator of the hashtag #zimqueensnotsorry. The hashtag is all about embracing and accepting yourself, especially if you suffer from low self-esteem. It emphasizes more on saying to yourself ‘I’m claiming back my power and learning to love myself. I WILL NOT LET PEOPLE DEFINE ME ANYMORE’.

I started this self-love movement in Zimbabwe because I grew up without self-confidence; other people defined me, and I allowed it. The process of growing and reclaiming my power made me wonder how many others had also faced the same struggles. In a way, I became a child of the movement, rather than it being my child. It’s hard being labelled ugly, skinny, fat, dark-skinned or other disgusting names that crush your self-esteem.

The movement started quite simply; I made a Page on Facebook called Zimqueensnotsorry (Royal Challengerz) and then an Instagram (@Zimqueensnotsorry). Now I see young women like me are beginning to open up without fear and support each other. Working with others that share the same goals has been incredible! We are all working towards building self-esteem and ending female hate.

My inspiration

Overall, I’m happy with this big step I took, although at first, I was full of fear. However, deep inside me, I knew I had to do it because I wanted to save young women going what I went through. I prayed for God’s Guidance on this journey and He has my back. Now I don’t feel alone on my mission. Every time a young woman messages looking for help about something, everyone is always ready to join in and give concrete advice. For example, we have young women that feel neglected by their families, single teenage moms, dark-skinned girls that don’t feel pretty, young women going through body shaming, young women who are HIV positive, relationship problems, and young women that have been raped. I’ve had some girls messaging me feeling suicidal and that’s when I realised this was a huge responsibility.

To convince someone not to have those type of thoughts just over the phone is not easy but God is always coming through. What I’ve discovered is that most young women lost their self-esteem through heartbreak. Whenever they take the brave step to tell their story, others always chip in to offer them guidance and strengthening them. It’s now a safe space for Zimbabwean Young Women. I would love to reach out on other parts of Africa too. My main goal is to remind every young woman that they are a Goddess that shouldn’t wait on anyone to tell them their value.

What’s next?

The fact that everyday young women reach out asking for advice shows that they have gained trust in this movement and are supporting it all the way. This whole movement is being driven by God. The feedback from the girls is always amazing and I try to do a follow-up till they feel safe and ready to take their power back. My aim for this movement will never change. I want each and every young woman and the next generation to feel beautiful without needing to be defined by other people. I want them to realise how important or special they are because I suffered for 20 years not loving myself only because other people were defining me. Now I use those scars to uplift girls going through what I went through. To me every woman is important.

The next stage of my goal is to do events so that young women can come together and share their stories and meet others like themselves. I want them to understand that they are not alone.

If there is anyone out there who feels small, remember YOU’VE GOT THE POWER! Don’t wait for anyone to approve it.

Trust your guts, I trusted mine and got back my power. Social media is a great tool to reach out. Read stories from women that made it in life, you will understand that their background was never easy, like Oprah Winfrey for example. Music is always a good way to start your journey with especially those confidence boosting songs. My advice is if you are passionate about something go for it. You will meet people along the way that will tell that this won’t work but don’t pay attention to that.

To be honest I’m learning so much from this experience. I’m now proud to tell my story without hesitation

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