Zimbabwean Novelist, NoViolet Bulawayo Shortlisted for Literary Prize

11th September 2022

NoViolet Bulawayo, a novelist from Zimbabwe, has been named to the shortlist for the prestigious British literary prize.

Born Elizabeth Zandile Tshele, NoViolet Bulawayo grew up in Bulawayo, a city more than 300 kilometres south-west of Harare. She relocated to Michigan (USA) when she was eighteen years old, and she is currently one of the six Booker Prize contenders. If she triumphs on October 17, her animal story “Glory” may become the second consecutive African work to be honoured. Damon Galgut, a South African, won the award the year before with “The Promise.”

Glory, one of her nominated novels, is set in a made-up animal nation that was previously a colony. A new leader offers optimism after an independence struggle. The new boss, though, clings to power and loses some of his novelty. The story chronicles the existence of a country that seems to be mired in an endless loop. But whether in fiction or in reality, bizarre twists in the past are frequently inescapable.

Written by Meli

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